Carolina Manchester, born in Barranquilla, Colombia, and raised in Anaheim, California, is an artist whose work is deeply rooted in the transformative power of nature. Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of landscapes, she skillfully weaves elements of both chaos and calm into her creations.

Carolina's artistic journey was shaped by her education at the Laguna College of Art and Design, California, where she immersed herself in the traditional oil painting techniques of the Old Masters. This classical foundation laid the groundwork for her distinctive approach to art.

Carolina typically initiates her paintings with layered washes and stains, crafting ethereal imagery that reflects the influence of artistic trailblazers such as Hilma af Klint, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Helen Frankenthaler. Her adept use of color, unapologetically vibrant and rich, serves as a vital component in conveying hope and cheer offering a beacon of positivity in the midst of life's complexities. For Carolina, color is not merely a visual element but a symbolic language.

Integral to her artistic process is the realization that once-perceived mistakes can be transformed into layers of depth, creating an interesting surface of texture in her works. Through this transformative approach, she has learned to channel unexpected elements into the very fabric of her art, embracing and integrating all aspects of each phase of creating a work of art.

At the core of Carolina Manchester's work is the exploration and experimentation with the theme of non-dualism in nature. Her art captures the essence of large land masses, the calm flow of waters, and atmospheric movements, embodying the seamless interconnectedness of opposing forces found in the natural world.

Carolina's paintings are deeply influenced by her experiences with luminous journeys. The radiance and brilliance of these experiences infuse her artwork with a vibrant energy, reflecting the joy she finds in exploring different landscapes bathed in the glow of transformative light. External imagery move through her internal landscape, resulting in emotionally moving artwork that resonates with viewers on a profound level.

Shapes in Carolina's art are heavily influenced by her profound love of botanical elements. This botanical inspiration contributes to the organic and harmonious flow of forms within her compositions, creating a visual language that echoes the beauty and intricacy found in nature.

Carolina’s art transcends geographical and stylistic boundaries. Through her paintings, she invites viewers to contemplate the seamless unity of opposing forces within the vast tapestry of nature.